Indiana Univ. GLBTSSS


Mobentec provided Website Development services to the GLBTSSS.  Mobentec helped the GLBTSSS by:

  • Redesigning the GLBTSSS website (awaiting data/content)
    • Customized and implemented a Content Management System (CMS) which allows the GLBTSSS to add, edit, and remove pages and content for the site through a web-based, secure administrative area.
    • Ensured website met and/or exceed the requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act and section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
    • Ensured website compatibility with the following browsers: Google Chrome 3.0+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 7+, and Safari 4+
    • Provided RSS news feed
    • Incorporate GLBTSSS blog and be able to post GLBTSSS news on different social media web sites
    • Provided the capability to post photos
    • Implemented IU's Onestart Calendar service
    • Provided capability for posting of available jobs and volunteering opportunities, job descriptions, and submission of volunteering applications by applicants
    • Provided capability for posting of local business information/listings
    • Create a contact us form for allowing people to contact the GLBTSSS
    • Implemented a secure login area so that staff members can easily manage and update the website using a web browser
    • Ensured that web pages are search engine optimized (SEO)
    • Enabled server caching to ensure pages are delivered to browsers quickly


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