Mohammed Mahdi


Mohammed graduated Indiana University in 2006 receiving a Bachelors of Arts degree; major in Psychology, minors in Sociology and Criminal Justice.  Mohammed has experience with technology since he was very young.

June 1999-August 2001 Mohammed was employed as a Summer Intern with Dade Behring in the Information Technology department.  September 2006-Auguest 2009 Mohammed worked for Christole, Inc. as a QMRP/Case Manager helping kids and adults with developmental disabilities, specifically individuals diagnosed with autism.  January 2007-April 2007, Mohammed joined the Indiana University-Office of Orientation as a Web Assistant. In August 2009, Mohammed created an independent consulting team (Mobentec) geared towards individuals and businesses in need of technical services.

Mohammed enjoys skiing, shopping, and spending time with his friends.

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